Angela and Michael

So i am finally beginning to post some of the weddings I shot over the fall. Here is some photos from Angela and Michaels wedding in Orinda, CA. IMG_9493-Edit.jpg IMG_9519-Edit.jpg IMG_9584-Edit.jpg IMG_9694-Edit.jpgIMG_9658-Edit.jpg IMG_0111-Edit.jpg IMG_0264-Edit.jpg IMG_0253-Edit.jpg IMG_0250-Edit.jpg IMG_0177-Edit.jpg IMG_0077-Edit.jpg IMG_0322-Edit.jpg IMG_0573-Edit.jpg IMG_0865-Edit.jpg IMG_0490-Edit.jpg IMG_0711-Edit.jpg IMG_0617-Edit.jpg IMG_0838-Edit.jpg

Jana and Ben

On Christmas day I had the privilege to shoot Ben and Jana. They were visiting San Francisco from the east coast, and wanted some photos taken of them. Here are the shots. LC4A9772-Edit.jpg LC4A9675.jpg LC4A9716.jpg LC4A9809-Edit.jpg LC4A9813-Edit-2.jpg LC4A9862-Edit.jpg LC4A9926-Edit.jpg IMG_8805-Edit.jpg LC4A9956-Edit.jpg LC4A0025-Edit.jpg LC4A0040-Edit.jpg LC4A0062-Edit.jpg LC4A0083-Edit.jpg LC4A0052-Edit.jpg LC4A0107-Edit.jpg LC4A0097-Edit.jpg

Directors Guild Mixer

During Christmas season I was also asked to shoot an event for the Directors Guild of America. Many Famous directors were there, it was a very exciting event. Here are some photos as well as a link to the photos the Published Photos IMG_3610.jpg IMG_3814.jpg IMG_3837.jpg IMG_3859.jpg IMG_3899.jpg IMG_3915.jpg IMG_3948.jpg IMG_4023.jpg

Cassidy Turley Mixer

As Christmas was approaching I was asked to shoot many mixers and events. Here is some photos from a Mixer party by Cassidy Turley. LC4A1090 LC4A0493 LC4A0887 LC4A0604 LC4A0655 LC4A1010 LC4A0981 LC4A0947